The Opportunity and The Crisis Coexist

The World Health Organization said on 2nd,March that there were almost nine times more cases being reported outside of China than inside. The latest data shows that over 11,000 cases were reported from 70 countries.

Among the 1,518 newly confirmed cases, 883 are from Asia, 605 are from Europe, and 19 are from North America. Oceania, Africa and South America have each reported 5 new cases in the past 24 hours.


The WHO Director-General said outbreaks in South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan were now the agency's greatest concern. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development lowered its forecasts for global growth in 2020 by half a percentage point, to 2.4%, and said the figure could go as low as 1.5% if the virus lasted longer and spreads widely. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund has pledged to be ready to help member countries tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19.


It happened that we were working in a new factory on 2nd, March. This factory is the TVT factory we acquired in last year. Now we have two brands, TJT & TVT. Although we are working in a humble office now, we are happy and hopeful for the future.  We will start to renovate new office buildings and new factories after the COVID-19 was contained. At that time, We will send a notice to invite new and old customers to visit us.


Post time: Mar-11-2020
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